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Why Am I So Weird?

We all do weird things

Why am I so weird?
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This is a community where people post about the weird things that they do. Anything you do that is a personal idiosyncracy is fair game. Please be kind and don't make fun of other people. This is a place to make fun of yourself!

whyamiweird was created by jtersesk on a suggestion from her husband hatulzooz. jtersesk often does weird things and then wonders, Why Am I So Weird? jtersesk has also noticed that people post things on LJ that they might never tell someone about in real life, for fear of being called weird. In this community, you get to show off your weirdness without fear.


  • All posts must contain a story or description of something you do or have done that is odd, unusual, funny, or just, for lack of a better word, weird.

  • Be nice! We're all weird here. No making fun of other people either in comments or posts

  • Friends-lock if you don't want non-members to read your post. Posts will not be automatically friends-locked

  • Remember that this is LiveJournal, a public place. If you don't want your weirdness spread around, then don't post about it! Whinyness will not be tolerated.

This community is open membership and posts are not moderated.

Community maintained by jtersesk.